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With 15 hours of ESL Instruction

This multi-city Educational Experience begins with 15 hours of ESL instruction in Washington DC followed by a Travel Camp that takes to the road visiting Hershey PA, Niagara Falls, and New York City. While in New York City, specialty options like The Broadway Experience and Finding Artistic Inspiration in the Big Apple are offered, allowing your specific group to create and customize their own Summer Adventure.

With 27 hours of ESL Instruction 

Similar to the 15-hour camp but minus the specialty elective options, this ESL program is for those who would enjoy a more comprehensive English language learning. However, there’s still a lot of room left for exploring. This all-inclusive program explores the two biggest cities in the US – NYC & Washington DC.

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Perform NYC

Why should your Student groups just visit NYC, when they can “Perform NYC“? New York City is the World’s greatest stage. Your group’s New York City Experience will be enriched when they are able to showcase their talents by performing at Landmark Venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. The Music Trail, History and lights of Broadway await!

Broadway Experience Workshops

Students and their teachers connect with professional teaching artists, actors, producers, musicians and choreographers who challenge and inspire them to succeed. Our goal is to boost the student’s self confidence, foster a “can do” spirit and set them on a course towards personal achievement and excellence.

Carnegie Hall Choral Special

Give your students the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall during our Choral Special. Not only will this venue empower your student but it will give them a sense of achievement that not many others can experience.