Specialty Programs

Thanksgiving NYC

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of the year.  Make it amazing, make it memorable – have a New York Thanksgiving with your family. Catch one of the most fantastic events that takes place here – the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Take in a Broadway show and make sure you don’t miss the spectacular Rockettes. Remember to leave plenty of time for shopping! Read more

December NYC

Christmas shopping will never be the same once you’ve experienced it in New York.  Experience sales galore, window decorations in all the stores, Christmas markets to explore. Take in the Christmas lights that transform this eternal city into a veritable fairy land. December might just become your new favorite month. Read more

Freestyle January

There’s nothing like winter in New York. It might be cold outside, but there’s plenty to do that will warm you right up. Check out Restaurant Week, with tons of fine dining offered at super affordable prices. No long lines at all the city’s attractions and cheaper rates for practically everything. Read more

Creative NYC

Customize your experience at the Big Apple by choosing from the above options and modifying them according to your group’s needs, or go to our Services page to see all the services that we offer.

Peeling The Apple

You’ve been to NYC and you’ve seen all of the musts, so what’s next? Take a closer look at the city and connect with real New Yorkers. Meet the Off-Broadway Actor, not the Broadway Actor. Meet the NYC Subway Driver not the Stretch Limo Driver. We shine the light on obscure neighborhoods, eccentric characters and behind the scenes professions.

Harlem Then & Now

Learn how Harlem came to become the mecca of black culture in New York City. Starting from the Renaissance all the way to current day Harlem, this specialty program dives into the history and the roots of Upper Manhattan.

Pampered NYC

Start with a mani and pedi, followed by a lunch at one of the last remaining authentic neighborhood delicatessens and concluding with a Broadway show.

Students On Broadway NYC

Perform NYC

Why should your student groups just visit NYC, when they can “Perform NYC?” New York City is the world’s greatest stage. Your group’s New York City experience will be enriched when they are able to showcase their talents by performing at landmark venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. The Music Trail, History and lights of Broadway await!

Broadway Experience Workshops

Students and their teachers connect with professional teaching artists, actors, producers, musicians and choreographers who challenge and inspire them to succeed. Our goal is to boost the student’s self confidence, foster a “can do” spirit and set them on a course towards personal achievement and excellence.

Carnegie Hall Choral Special

Give your students the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall during our Choral Special. Not only will this venue empower your student but it will give them a sense of achievement that not many others can experience.