Exceptional Service and Attention to Detail

Exceptional Service and Attention to Detail

More often than not, when companies market themselves as providing the best “value”, what they really mean is “lowest price.” The problem with this is that the maxim ‘you get what you pay for’ rings as true in New York City as it does everywhere else. At Receptive Tours NYC, it is integral to our mission that your New York City experience is not only affordable, but also worth the time, energy and financial investment that brings you here.

Customer Service Every day we thank you, our customer. New York is a city full of people pursuing their dreams. You make the Receptive Tours NYC dream a reality. Making you our top priority has led to our success. From our first contact, we guarantee to give you the personal attention and care that you might expect from a luxury company. It’s built into our company structure. Receptive Tours NYC does not have a commissioned sales team – everyone who works in the office also works directly with our guests here in the city. And, as an employee-managed company, every person on our team has a vested interest in working not only to satisfy your expectations, but to exceed them.

Local Expertise The Receptive Tours NYC team doesn’t just work in the heart of New York City, we live here, too! We don’t have to wait to learn about all of the exciting new events, attractions and hotels. With our ear to the ground, we know before they happen. When it comes to planning for your trip, we have all of the insider knowledge and contacts to get the most for your money. As your NYC travel partners, we will recommend the most meaningful, memorable destinations and activities for your group and your budget.

Efficiency One of the simplest ways to reduce cost is to eliminate redundancy. We do this on several fronts. We always have economy in mind as we organize an itinerary. With so much to see and do in NYC, we schedule activities so that we don’t retrace our steps. And we take full advantage of New York City’s excellent public transportation system. Every person on the Receptive Tours NYC team is licensed by the City of New York to guide you through all five boroughs safely and efficiently. With few exceptions, your Tour Manager doubles as your guide so that getting from one activity to the next becomes a tour in itself!

By doing all of the above, Receptive Tours NYC guarantees a quality of experience that is second to none and is indeed an exceptional value.

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